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Alisma is a genus of flowering plants in the family Alismataceae, members of which are commonly known as water-plantains. The genus consists of aquatic plants with leaves either floating or submerged, found in a variety of still water habitats around the world (nearly worldwide).

The flowers are hermaphrodite, and are arranged in panicles, racemes, or umbels. Alisma flowers have six stamens, numerous free carpels in a single whorl, each with 1 ovule, and subventral styles. The fruit is an achene with a short beak.


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Seed of Asiatic plantain

Seed of Asiatic plantain

Organic Herba Plantaginis (Whole plant / Seed ) Latin name: Herba Plantaginis English name: Asiatic plantain, broadleaf plantain, greater plantain, large plantain Chinese Pin Yin nam Che Qian Cao Distribution Throughout China, south east Asia.

Botanical Source: Semen Plantaginis .

English name: Semen Plantaginis Extract/Seed of Asiatic plantain Extract

latin name: plantago asiatica l.

Botanical Source: Semen Plantaginis

source: semen plantaginis

part used: seed

appearance: light brownish fine powder

active ingredient: plantenolic acid

specification: plantenolic acid

detection: uv


plantain seed is the dried ripe seed of plantago asiatica l. or plantago depressa willd.(fam. plantaginaceae).

action:to remove heat , to cause diuresis and eliminate damp, to relieve dysuria, to clear the eye, and to promote expectoration.

indications:edema; dysuria with difficult painful urination; diarrhea caused by sum-mer-damp; inflammation of the eye.

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